The 2019 Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment Award

We've been nationally recognized for our dedication to our community and the Subaru Love Promise.

We're honored to receive the 2019 Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment Award. This award nationally recognizes Subaru retailers who are making the world a better place while demonstrating an outstanding commitment to supporting passions and causes in local communities. These efforts are focused in important areas such as the environment, community, health, education, and pets.

The 2019 Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment Award

What is the Subaru Love Promise?

Subaru and our retailers believe in making the world a better place and the Subaru Love Promise is our vision of respecting all people. This is our commitment to show love and respect to our customers and to work to make a positive impact in the world.

The Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment

We believe in being a positive force in something bigger. And it all starts right here in our community. Not just by our donations, but by our actions.

That's why we stay true to our Love Promise Community Commitment by partnering with a wide variety of community nonprofits and charities.

Every year, we join hands with our owners in the "Share the Love" event, giving back to our community-a community that's given so much to us.

So, every day, we strive to ensure our love is felt not just by our customers, but by all in our community. We do this because we feel it is the right thing to do.

We are proud to participate in the Love Promise Community Commitment. We're grateful, not only to be a part of our community, but to serve and support the causes and passions that are closest to our hearts, right here in our neighborhood.

All of the organizations we support have one thing in common: the unwavering dedication to improve the world and the lives of ­its people.

Subaru Loves Pets

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Subaru Loves the Earth

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Subaru Loves Learning

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Subaru Loves to Help

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Subaru Loves to Care

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Whether they live in our homes or in the wild, Subaru is committed to keeping all animals safe and healthy.

A partner since 2008, Subaru has donated close to $14 million to the ASPCA and helped support nearly 1,000 pet adoption events, resulting in more than 11,500 adoptions to date.


Loving the environment means more than loving the great outdoors. It means working to preserve it.

Over a decade ago, Subaru became the first U.S. auto manufacturer to become zero-landfill, and now, in collaboration with the National Park Service and the National Parks Conservation Association, Subaru is leveraging that same environmental expertise to help the National Parks reach zero-landfill too.


It’s our goal to make the pursuit of knowledge available to as many minds as possible.

Total donations to teachers: $92,233
Over 200 teachers adopted
More than 15,000 students impacts


In a perfect world, hunger would be history and hope would be commonplace. We believe a perfect world is possible.

Subaru and Meals on Wheels America worked together to make volunteering easier, by launching a tool called the Meals on Wheels Online Volunteer Drive.


We should all have a chance to lead a healthy life. We’re aiming to give as many people that chance as we can.

Subaru has donated more than $4.5 million dollars to
Make A Wish, helping to grant 610 wishes in the U.S.

How is Dewey Griffin Subaru dedicated locally to the Love Promise?

At Dewey Griffin Subaru, we have a long-standing commitment to our co-workers, our customers and our community. We believe that when a community works together, great things happen. We're proud to support many charitable organizations throughout Whatcom county and are dedicated to making our company, our community and the world around us a better place.

Whatcom Humane Society
Boys and Girls Clubs of Whatcom County
Bellingham Senior Activity Center, Bellingham Food Bank, Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce, Whatcom & San Juan Meals on Wheels
Whatcom Council on Aging

 Subaru Love Promise Heart
The Subaru Love Promise - Community Commitment View Our Love Promise Pledge
The Subaru Love Promise - Community Commitment
The Subaru Love Promise - Customer Commitment

Love Promise Stories from Dewey Griffin Subaru

Subaru and Dewey Griffin Subaru believe in making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We uphold that belief through our Love Promise Community Commitment. Every month, we select inspiring stories from customers and partners from around our area who strive to support our collective commitment and feature them here

Subaru Loves To Help: Whatcom Dream  –  Trudy S

This December 2019 annual event provides a festive evening for low income families and reduced cost shopping for children’s gifts. Dewey Griffin partnered with The Whatcom Dream to make the Christmas Dreams of local parents and children come true. The majority of the cost of hundreds of gifts was provided by Dewey Griffin. This year BIKES were the focus. Many beautiful bikes were purchased and the Service Department employees of Dewey Griffin spent hours to fully assemble the bikes. The employees loved the opportunity to participate in the holiday spirit of giving and also helping Santa’s elves by delivering the bikes to the Whatcom Dream Christmas Shoppe! The event was held for two hundred and twenty children and their parents. These families experienced the LOVE that is created when these two organizations come together. The evening began with a sit-down dinner, entertainment and Santa followed by activities for the children which allowed the parents to “shop”. The Christmas Shoppe was filled with new toys that are priced 75% off retail. The goal is to provide toys that will delight the children at Christmas and to be affordable and less financially stressful for the parents. The money collected for the gifts is placed in a scholarship fund used to continue the promotion and education of financial literacy in the community. The result is these parents are helping others while they receive the benefit of low-cost gifts for their children. Dewey Griffin is a longtime partner of this annual event and happy to generously contribute dollars and support to this very special evening. The Whatcom Dream is an organization that provides invaluable services to families in the community by providing financial literacy guidance, connecting individuals with assistance in employment, substance/chemical addiction, debt repayment and 1st time home purchases.

Subaru Loves to Help: Blue Skies Christmas  –  Julie G

I’m writing to share our deepest gratitude to Dewey Griffin Subaru as a business that goes above and beyond in its amazing generosity. As a local non-profit that is supported by Dewey Griffin Subaru, we have seen the significant impact made to our local homeless, low-income and foster youth. We feel blessed to be a partner in your community giving. Your generous support of our client families during the holiday season, providing gifts for approximately 30 children who live well below the poverty line, is truly inspiring. Dewey Griffin Subaru made it possible for these children to have a great Christmas experience opening the individualized gifts which averaged $250 in value for each child. Dewey Griffin Subaru’s employees took the time to obtain a Christmas wish list from each child and then go shopping for toys, bikes, clothes. sports gear and more. The gifts were all beautifully wrapped, ribbons and all to make all of this even more festive and special. I’ll provide a few examples of the children who benefited from your monetary donations to Blue Skies as well as the holiday gift giving. Gable is an 8-year-old who lives with his foster Mom and baby sister. He is a sweet little boy who was the primary caretaker for his sibling before being placed in foster care. He had not had the opportunity to be physically active or socialize like other kids. Blues Skies, through the generosity of donors like Dewey Griffin Subaru, enrolled him in “Ninja Zone” classes with a focus on physical activity, social skills development and self-discipline. Gable’s instructor has reported positive growth in socialization and his foster Mom is happy to see him being more active and healthier. Andre is now in 5th grade and the youngest of 3 boys. He has always wanted to play the saxophone. His family was not able to include this in their budget and are so grateful for Blue Skies support in making his dream come true. He just started lessons and has big plans to be a great sax player. Summer’s Mom contacted Blue Skies for help in addressing her struggles with social skills, expressing emotions and difficulties at school. Her request was for animal therapy with a hope that it will help Summer both at school and within her family. Blue Skies was able to arrange for her to care for horses and other animals in an animal therapy program which focused on teaching empathy, understanding of others with the goal to help with reduction of social anxiety and building of self-esteem. Mom says Summer is demonstrating more patience and greater understanding of others and has been better able to share her feelings and emotions in a more confident way. Blue Skies positively impacted the lives of over 1500 youth in 2019. We wish to thank Dewey Griffin Subaru for perpetuating a selfless heart of love, support and generosity throughout Whatcom county and making the children's Christmas dreams come true. Sincerely Julie N. Guay, Executive Director

Subaru Loves to Help: Ferndale Food Bank  –  Suzanne N

The relationship with Ferndale Food Bank and Dewey Griffin Subaru began with a phone call in January 2019. Federal workers were furloughed or working without pay and many were feeling desperate. I was interviewed on a local radio station and talked about how we had expanded our service to evening distributions to help our local Federal workers. Dick Meyer was listening and called me to learn more about our services. I informed him about the special distributions, our work in general, especially with children and seniors and our conversation ended with a simple declarative sentence from Dick “I’d like to help-you will be hearing from me”. Being a small-town food bank is tough. We have limited resources, great need and not a lot of light is cast in our direction. Making our budget each month can be stressful. In Whatcom County the majority of the residents supported by our organization are the most venerable since they are approximately 40% children and 15% senior citizens. Dick Meyer and Dewey Griffin Subaru have leaned into us in such a significant way and with a pretty powerful flashlight. We raised $8500 from the radio exposure which was matched by Dick and Dewey Griffin Subaru. We were able to adequately address the needs of the Federal workers and their families. The generosity of Dick and Dewey Griffin Subaru provided sufficient funds to also allow us to share with food banks in Blaine and Lynden. Our relationship with Dick and Dewey Griffin Subaru has continued as Dick recognized that summer is a difficult time for food banks. Children who qualify for free or reduced lunches at school don’t have this resource in summer months. So again, he offered a dollar match and contributed Seahawks tickets to enhance the fund raising which raised $3989 in cash and $1200 for the Seahawks tickets. During the summer we provided remote distributions to migrant farm workers and their families whose children came to claim the food since their parents were working in the fields. These children are seen and not forgotten by Dick. This thoughtfulness and generosity continued when he bought turkeys for the food bank at Thanksgiving. He never forgets to ask “what do you need?” I’ve no words to adequately express what it has meant to be “seen” by Dick Meyer and Dewey Griffin Subaru. This partnership has allowed us to support more of the community in delivering food to the hungry. We are simply grateful to a man who decided he’d like to help. Sincerely, Suzanne Nevan, Executive Director Ferndale Food Bank

Subaru Loves to Help: Pack The Outback  –  Julie M

In November 2019 Dewey Griffin Subaru partnered with 5 Whatcom County locations of Haggen Food and Meals on Wheels for the annual Pack the Outback Event (formerly called Stuff the Trunk). Volunteer helpers included Dewey Griffin employees, staff from Meals on Wheels and Whatcom Council on aging. The Western Washington girls Softball team also volunteered bringing lots of youthful energy. The food and funds collected are used to put together bags of emergency (shelf stable) food to provide 3 days of meals for homebound seniors in the local community. Haggen Food provided an area at each location for the volunteer table, Subaru Outback vehicles and space for collection of donations. Cascade Radio Group advertised the food drive to inform the community. This successful community event was also advertised via Dewey Griffin’s electronic billboard & website as well as social media. We collected $1,760 in monetary donations and approximately $5,500 in food items. Dewey Griffin employees, who enthusiastically volunteered for the fundraiser, were key to the success. It was great to see the positive energy of our many volunteers who helped with collection, loading, sorting, packaging, counting and delivery of the 300 food bags assembled from the donations. Additionally, the generosity of the people who contributed food and dollars was heartwarming. Most importantly, this event collected a generous quantity of emergency food to be provided to Whatcom’s most vulnerable seniors so they will be taken care of in case of a weather or other emergency.

Subaru Loves to Help: A Child's Life Learning  –  Elaine P

My name is Elaine Price and I'm the Director of A Child's Life Learning Center, which is a non-profit Childcare Center with children from ages 1 through 5. We have two buildings with up to 84 children. Our learning center is dedicated to helping children, some underprivileged and/or special needs, to be successful in the classroom environment. I contacted Dick Meyer, owner of Dewey Griffin Subaru and asked him if he could help us. Dewey Griffin/Dick Meyer is committed to the Bellingham Community and especially the children. Our building is really old and we needed a number of things. He saw how old and outdated our kitchen was and offered to give us a new kitchen. Dewey Griffin/Dick Meyer provided $40,000 and partnered with Z Construction who graciously took on the job and did it at cost. It is now so beautiful and different compared to what we had. We had 2 stove tops with some non-working burners and a counter top that was difficult to sanitize. Our ovens did not have consistent temperature control and our industrial dishwasher no longer functioned. Dewey Griffin/Dick Meyer gave us new cupboards, countertops, ovens, refrigerator and industrial dishwasher, new sinks and everything we needed to have a full functioning kitchen to feed fresh, hot meals to all of our children and staff. We are very grateful for our new kitchen and very thankful for wonderful people with big hearts like Dick Meyer and the staff of Dewey Griffin Subaru. Sincerely, Elaine Price, staff and families of ACLLC.

Subaru Loves to Help: Alaska Subaru Customers  –  Dewey G

Dewey Griffin Subaru cares about the importance of providing timely, quality service to our customers. In the spring of 2019 Subaru reached out to us and asked if we could assist in performing air bag recalls in areas of Alaska that do not have local Subaru dealerships. We said YES and worked with All American Auto in Ketchikan who provides Subaru repairs in that area. We sent our technician for a week and he performed recall service on multiple vehicles. We used a stall in this local shop to complete not only air bag recalls but additional recalls needed by the customer. All American auto staff were phenomenal at contacting customers, verifying the needed recalls and keeping us up to date on the services needed by the customers. In July of 2019, Subaru reached out to us to see if we would go to Dillingham, Alaska to address recalls. Again, our response was YES. We worked with Ram Automotive and used one of their service bays. In the week our Technician was there he was able to perform multiple recall repairs for the Subaru owners in this remote area. Our Technician returned to Ketchikan in October and spent 2 weeks at All American Auto performing recall repairs. Overall, we were able to repair 116 Subaru vehicles with a total of 195 recalls. Without the help from All American Auto and Ram Automotive it would have been difficult for us to be able to complete these recalls. Both are independent repair shops who truly care about their customers who were in need of our help in completing these Subaru recalls. Dewey Griffin values supporting the "Subaru Community" so we felt it was imperative to step up to help these Alaska communities. With the completion of the recalls, the passengers are now protected as they travel the Alaska roads and they are happy Subaru customers. It was rewarding for Dewey Griffin Subaru and our employees to provide this assistance and we will continue to be available to assist if needed in the future.

Dewey Griffin Subaru Hosts Meals on Wheels Event  –  Julie M

The Whatcom Council on Aging was honored to celebrate the kick-off of the 2019-20 Subaru Share the Love Event and our seventh year as Dewey Griffin Subaru’s Hometown Charity by holding the Meals on Wheels and More program’s first annual donor and stakeholder reception in the dealership’s beautiful new showroom. The reception, held on November 14, 2019, was an opportunity to thank Dewey Griffin Subaru, representatives from other corporations, foundations, and local governments, as well as the individual donors whose support is vital to our ability to continue to serve all local seniors who need our services. During the reception we shared the story of Donna, an elderly Meals on Wheels client who is nearly blind, and her friendship with volunteer drivers, Marian and Nick, who not only deliver and set up Donna’s meals, but who also visit her when she is in the hospital and bring her treats on her birthday. The contributions of Dewey Griffin Subaru, Subaru of America, and our local community have never been more important, as our program has grown by more than 75 percent over the past five years.

Subaru Loves Learning - Eagleridge Elementary  –  Eagleridge E

December 3, 2018 Dick Meyer and Marlene Burke Dewey Griffin Subaru 1800 Iowa St Bellingham, WA 98229 Dear Dick and Marlene We are writing to give our most sincere thanks for the generous donation you recently made to Eagleridge Elementary. Your funding enabled the Kindergarten team to attend the Fall 2018 Kindergarten Conference in Chicago, Il. Without your support, this trip would not have been possible. During the Conference, the Kindergarten team enhanced our understandings of teaching best practices in the areas of math, literacy, science and play-based learning. We heard from experienced and highly-celebrated educators regarding recent research, activities and teaching concepts to benefit children. In addition to these important instructional offerings, this trip strengthened the kindergarten team as a unit through knowledge and shared experience. It is imperative to highlight that not only did your exceedingly generous contribution strengthen the current implementation of kindergarten teaching at Eagleridge, your contribution will have a lasting impact on future cohorts of children to come. At this time when funding for trainings can be rare and difficult to acquire, you afforded our team the extraordinary opportunity to grow as educators, bond as a team and better serve the children in our care. In sum, thank you for supporting early childhood education at Eagleridge. Our staff as well as generations of Eagleridge kids are exceedingly fortunate to benefit from your generosity. With our deepest gratitude, Eagleridge Kindergarten Team Ferndale, WA

Dewey Griffin Subaru is Truly Community Driven  –  Julie M

The Whatcom Council on Aging’s Meals on Wheels and More Program is proud to partner with Dewey Griffin Subaru, of Bellingham, Washington, winner of the 2019 National Love Promise Award. Dewey Griffin’s commitment to the local community shines through, and we are excited that they were recognized at the national level. Dewey Griffin Subaru recently purchased and installed a large electric sign/ billboard in front of the dealership for the sole purpose of promoting community events. Instead of promoting the latest Outback on the radio, they allocate the majority of their radio advertising to the promotion of local nonprofit events, including the Meals on Wheels Irish Dinner and Senior Day in the Park. Even more inspiring than their generous financial and advertising support for our program and other nonprofits is the time and energy they commit to their community partners. Examples of Dewey Griffin’s involvement in local programs include: serving meals at the Bellingham Senior Center, volunteering at our annual Stuff the Trunk event and Senior Day in the Park, coordinating and donating to food and toy drives, volunteering at and participating in the annual Tour de Whatcom Bike ride which benefits multiple local charities, and more! The Love Promise committee couldn’t have picked a more deserving dealership to honor this year!

Dewey Griffin Supports Bellingham Cancer Patients  –  Katie J

On June 28, 2019, Dewey Griffin Subaru partnered with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to further our mission of ending blood cancer and improving the quality of life of patients and their families. Alan Meyer, General Manager for Dewey Griffin Subaru arrived to PeaceHealth St. Joseph Cancer Center with 80 warm, comfortable blankets and arts and crafts kits to bring comfort to patients receiving cancer treatment. Cancer is something that is no stranger to the Meyer family and they are happy to be able to help people who are going through something they are all too familiar with. LLS volunteers Terry Thalhofer, Fred Bannister and Sara Hilsman based in Bellingham were also in attendance for the event. Sara and Fred are both blood cancer survivors due to being recipients of bone marrow transplants at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in the early 2000’s. Terry sadly lost her father to blood cancer years after she started supporting the LLS and her son is also a cancer researcher at Providence Hospital specializing in immunotherapy, a type of therapy that uses substances to stimulate or suppress the immune system to help the body fight cancer, infection, and other diseases. LLS was the first organization to fund Dr. Carl June, the “Father of CAR T Immunotherapy’s” research which led to an FDA approval in recent years and many people being cured of their cancers. This is the fourth year for this partnership and each year PeaceHealth St. Joseph Cancer Center is so thankful to receive this donation each year for their patients. Sara, Fred and Terry are so thankful for the support Dewey Griffin Subaru has shown for a cause that is so near and dear to their hearts and LLS is grateful for the support from Dewey Griffin Subaru to find more cures, like CAR T Immunotherapy for cancer and help blood cancer patients and their families. Photos: -LLS volunteers, cancer center staff and Dewey Griffin Subaru staff gather together for the blanket delivery at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Cancer Center LLS Volunteers: Fred Bannister, Terry Thalhofer, and Sara Hilsman

Sharing the Partnership  –  Julie M

The Whatcom Council on Aging’s Meals on Wheels and More Program has had the privilege of partnering with Dewey Griffin Subaru for the annual Subaru Share the Love Event since 2012! In 2014 we began partnering for a one day “Share the Love Stuff the Trunk” food drive at all 5 Whatcom County Haggen Northwest Fresh Stores. Each year through Stuff the Trunk we have collected enough food and funds to provide emergency meals to approximately 250 homebound seniors. For this event, Dewey Griffin Subaru generously donates the use of a new vehicle at each store and the time of 5 or more dealership employees who frequently withstand cold and windy weather to help with the event. Dewey Griffin also sponsors an ad for the drive on local radio stations. We are excited that it appears as though our community partnership with both Dewey Griffin Subaru and Haggen Northwest Fresh has contributed to a partnership between the two local corporations. Haggen recently purchased 5 Subaru Crosstreks from Dewey Griffin to giveaway in “The Great Haggen Giveaway” April 24- June 4, 2019.

Dewey Griffin Subaru Loves to Help Seniors  –  Julie M

Dewey Griffin Subaru’s partnership with the Whatcom Council on Aging’s Meals on Wheels and More program began with the 2012 Subaru Share the Love Event and led to a $4,000 grant from Meals on Wheels America. We knew we were on to something special, but had no idea at that time of the huge impact that the dealership's ongoing commitment to serving local seniors would have on the growing program. Since 2012, Dewey Griffin Subaru’s partnership with Meals on Wheels and More has directly and indirectly contributed to approximately $175,000 in cash donations and grants, including a $35,000 national grand prize grant from Meals on Wheels America for our partnership during the 2014 Subaru Share the Love Event. Since 2013, Dewey Griffin has selected Meals on Wheels and More to be their Share the Love Event Hometown Charity, which has resulted in greater than $85,000 in combined donations from Subaru of America and the dealership. The partnership has also led to more than $50,000 in in-kind donations including multiple radio advertisement sponsorships paid for by the dealership as well as the 2017 award of a new Subaru Outback for Meals on Wheels deliveries as part of Subaru’s 50 Cars for 50 Years Donation. It is not an exaggeration to say that our partnership with Dewey Griffin Subaru has been a key factor in our Program’s ability to accommodate a whopping 60% increase in demand for our services by homebound seniors in the past 4 years.The success of our partnership can be attributed to the commitment of Dewey Griffin Subaru owner Dick Meyer and General Manager, Allen Meyer to the community and particularly to local seniors. Over the past 6+ years Dewey Griffin staff and their family members have regularly served lunch at the Bellingham Senior Center; they have volunteered at our annual Share the Love Stuff the Trunk Event, and participated in our March for Meals fundraisers. We have enjoyed celebrating every success with our friends at Dewey Griffin Subaru and hope to continue our partnership for years to come.

Sharing the Love with Meals on Wheels  –  Julie M

For Frank and his wife Sally of Bellingham, WA “Meals on Wheels means that we get a nutritious meal and we don’t have to cook or clean up." The couple both have multiple chronic health issues which make it difficult to shop for and prepare healthy meals and they rely on Meals on Wheels for their main meal of the day. Over the past four years the Whatcom Council on Aging’s Meals on Wheels program has grown by a staggering 60%, and the demand for our services continues to increase. Although the program is partially federally funded, each year we depend on increased community donations, grants, and fundraisers to make up the funding gap. Thanks in large part to the national Subaru Share the Love Event and Dewey Griffin Subaru, we have been able to continue to serve Frank and Sally as well as hundreds of other local homebound seniors who are in need of our services without starting a waiting list as other Meals on Wheels programs have resorted to doing. We are excited and extremely appreciative to have been selected by Dewey Griffin Subaru to be their Hometown Charity for the 2018 national Subaru Share the Love Event. As Dewey Griffin Subaru’s 2017 Share the Love Event Hometown charity we received a total donation of nearly $28,000 ($23,711 from Subaru of America and $4,250 from Dewey Griffin Subaru)! The donation helped fund thousands of nutritionally balanced meals delivered to Frank and Sally and hundreds of Whatcom and San Juan County's most vulnerable seniors.

Dewey Griffin Loves to Care for Cancer Patients  –  Katie J

On Tuesday July 10th, Dewey Griffin Subaru partnered with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to deliver blankets and arts and crafts kits to cancer patients and kids experiencing cancer at the PeaceHealth St. Joseph Cancer Center. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society exists to find cures for cancer and improve the quality of life of cancer patients and their families. These blankets bring comfort during cancer treatment which is a very uncomfortable process. Just ask Carol Brumet, Program Coordinator for Outreach who shared a story about a man experiencing homelessness finding comfort while his friend was seeking cancer treatment. The patient let his friend borrow the Subaru Loves to Care blanket to keep him warm since he wasn't able to seek shelter, and the following day he returned the blanket so his friend could use it during cancer treatment. It is truly incredible the impact these blankets have on cancer patients and their caregivers beyond walls of the hospital. PeaceHealth St. Joseph Cancer Center greatly appreciates Dewey Griffin Subaru for their generosity and in-depth involvement with the Bellingham community. Thank you again for your care and compassion for the patients at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Cancer Center and thank you for helping the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fund life-saving research to beat cancer.

New Chromebooks Connect Students to the World  –  Tammy B

Dick Meyer and Marlene Burke, owners of Dewey Griffin Subaru, love the staff and students of Eagleridge Elementary School. So much so that they recently donated 64 Chromebook computing devices to the school. You see, they have a special connection to the school—their granddaughter, Serenity Feliciano, is a first grader in Ms. Jaimie Darnell's classroom. Every Tuesday, Marlene volunteers in Ms. Darnell's classroom to support and help students in their learning activities.The Meyers feel so connected to Eagleridge and wanted to do more to support the students and staff at the school.They approached the school's principal, Mr. Mischa Burnett, to brainstorm ways they could support the school and student learning. Their conversation led to Dick and Marlene purchasing 64 Chromebook computing devices for the school."We are absolutely thrilled to be part of this story because for us this is about access to the greater world and it's about equity so that all kids have the same opportunity when it comes to technology," said Principal Burnett. "We know there are resources galore that exist out there, virtual museum tours and any make and manner of things that can be wonderful for students to see and participate in. With their hands on these machines, I know it's going to happen. The world is big and way beyond Ferndale, and these devices are a pipeline to that greater world," he added. On Tuesday, January 9, the Chromebooks made their debut in Ms. Darnell's classroom. Each student was given a device and earbuds. It didn't take long for the students to figure out how to operate the devices. And, for the next 30 minutes the classroom was practically silent as students went to work tapping on screens and using keyboards to navigate through their lesson. The lesson involved working in the Starfall application which targets learning in the content areas of mathematics and reading. (view a sampling at First grade student Elena Cantrell provided her perspective on the new Chromebooks. "About computers, they're fun and they're cool. They're so cool because we get to play at them at Starfalls. Starfalls is really cool because it has a lot of fun games. We learned about ABCs and stuff. So, that's why we like to play on Starfalls."At the end of the lesson, Principal Burnett, Ms. Darnell and the students took a few minutes to thank Mr. Meyer and Mrs. Burke for the special gifts. The students presented to Mrs. Burke a beautifully handmade card and a cheer of thanks!The district cannot begin to thank the Meyers enough for their generous contribution to Eagleridge Elementary. And, more importantly, for their care and support of our students. Thank you!With the addition of the 64 Chromebooks, access to technology doubled for Eagleridge students. The school now has five carts full of computers that travel from classroom to classroom where teachers utilize them as one more tool to connect students to the act of learning.Story and photos courtesy of the Ferndale School District.

Subaru Helps Ensure that No Senior Goes Hungry  –  Julie M

83 year-old Louis still lives in the Everson, WA home he built with his wife in 1964. Recently widowed, Louis is not used to cooking for himself and finds it difficult to stand for long due to chronic knee and back pain. Meals on Wheels meals help him to continue to live in the only home he has known for over 50 years. Last fall the Whatcom Council on Aging’s Meals on Wheels and More Program was one of 50 Meals on Wheels programs selected by Meals on Wheels America to receive a new 2018 Subaru Outback on behalf of Subaru of America’s 50 Cars for 50 Years Donation. The Subaru has allowed our rapidly growing program to expand our Meals on Wheels deliveries to Louis and other homebound seniors throughout rural Whatcom County in northwest Washington State. Between 2014 and 2017, the number of nutritious meals our dedicated drivers delivered to homebound seniors increased by over 40% and the demand for our service continues to increase in 2018! With the support of Subaru of America, our local dealership, Dewey Griffin Subaru, and the support of the local community, we have been able to meet this demand without instituting a waiting list as other programs have resorted to. Thank you Subaru!

Food Bank Community Challenge  –  Mike C

Dear Subaru of America,I am thrilled and honored to let you know how Dewey Griffin Subaru recently fulfilled the Love Promise for our food bank and the families we serve. It started out modestly and grew into something significant. Once again, Dewey Griffin proved they care and inspired others to care too. Allen Meyer, General Manager, took the initiative to follow up on some information he had recently obtained – Bellingham Food Bank visits grew by 9% in 2017. He decided to take action and gave me a call. During that call, Allen learned that indeed the statistic was true, visits had actually grown by almost 25% over the past 2 years, and that almost 35% of food bank clients are children. Allen started thinking about what Dewey Griffin Subaru could do to make a difference. Soon he and others at the dealership hatched a plan that they hoped would result in raising $10,000 for the Food Bank. Dewey Griffin pledged the first $1000, launched a community-wide radio campaign about the need and opportunity, and then began contacting other local businesses to get them to join the effort. The campaign was purposefully short, intense and focused – lasting just two weeks. In my experience it's rare for a new effort to meet such an aspirational goal, but Dewey Griffin Subaru exceeded their target! By the end of the two weeks, our Food Bank received $14,658. This monetary support will allow us to buy tens-of-thousands of pounds of healthy foods for the hundreds of families that need our support each day. Dewey Griffin Subaru did more than just raise essential funds for food purchases. They also inspired others to match their gift and really raised the issue of local hunger to so many people and individuals. Dewey Griffin continues to be a valuable business partner whose reach and love is hard to measure. It's an honor to have them in our community and partner with the staff at Dewey Griffin Subaru.Thank you for the opportunity to share this story. Sincerly, Mike Cohen Executive Director Bellingham Food Bank

Sharing the Love This Holiday Season  –  Tanya M

The holidays can be a difficult time for many. Especially for low income families. It was our goal this year to make the holidays brighter for as many people as possible. While it would have been fun to christen our new building with a big party, our staff chose to donate their Christmas party again this year to those in need in our community. We decided to Share the Love in a big way this year. We kicked off our season of giving by donating $4000 worth of toys to one of our favorite charities, the Community Toy Store. Low-income families are able to purchase those toys at 10% of their cost so they can provide gifts to their children while keeping their dignity intact. We didn't stop there. We joined our friends at the Blue Skies for Children organization. They provided us with the names of 30 underprivileged children in our community. Armed with a budget of $200 per child, wish lists and the help of the amazing folks at the Bellis Fair Target, we set out to make this Christmas special for every child on our list. We shopped, we wrapped (and wrapped!) and then, with the help of our Subaru Ambassadors, we delivered the presents to all 30 children. Since no holiday is complete without a delicious dinner, each family received a $50 gift card to Haggen's grocery store along with the presents. Between the Community Toy Store project and our support of the Blue Skies for Children organization, Dewey Griffin Subaru has donated over $10,000 to children in our community this year. We're so happy to Share the Love this holiday season. Little did we know it, but the owner of our company was hard at work behind the scenes. Dick Meyer worked with Rebound of Whatcom county. The Rebound organization works with families that are trying to rebuild after experiencing the devastating effects of abuse. Dick happened to hear about a single mom with no running vehicle and no beds for her three children. She works hard to put food on the table and to make sure her sons continue to go to school and earn straight A's. Dick, having come from a very humble background himself, sprang into action. He personally delivered a van, new bikes, a new bed and a new computer to the family. He's hoping that he will be an influence on other business owners and fellow Subaru retailers to join the effort of giving back to our community and making the world we live in a better place.

Holidays Come Early to Meals on Wheels Program  –  Julie M

The Holiday Season started early for the Whatcom Council on Aging’s (WCOA) Meals on Wheels and More Program and the homebound seniors they serve throughout Whatcom County, WA. On October 27, 2017, WCOA staff, Board members and volunteer Meals on Wheels drivers joined Dewey Griffin Subaru for a reception at their new Bellingham dealership to celebrate the donation of a new 2018 Subaru Outback to Meals on Wheels and More as part of Subaru’s 50 Cars for 50 Years Donation in partnership with Meals on Wheels America. Representatives from Subaru of America were on hand to officially present the keys and the vehicle, which features a “Subaru Loves to Help” themed wrap. Following the celebration at Dewey Griffin Subaru, volunteer driver, Paul Klein and WCOA Board President Pat Atkinson drove the new Subaru on its maiden Meals on Wheels delivery and then on to the Bellingham Senior Activity Center for a second celebration with local seniors. “We are honored to be one of only 50 programs in the nation and two in Washington State selected to receive one of the Outbacks”, said Meals on Wheels and More Director, Julie Meyers. The all-wheel drive vehicle will be used by the Program to safely deliver nutritious meals to homebound seniors throughout the hilly and often slick roads of Whatcom County. Meyers estimates that the car will allow the program to deliver an additional 3,000-5,000 meals annually. She attributes the selection of the Program to receive one of the vehicles largely to their five-year partnership with local dealership, Dewey Griffin Subaru. After their first Share the Love partnership in 2012, Dewey Griffin Subaru Manager, Allen Meyer, pledged to maintain a relationship with Meals on Wheels and More throughout the year. He has definitely made good on his word. From participation by many dealership staff in Meals on Wheels and More’s annual “Stuff the Trunk” event, to serving lunch to seniors at the Bellingham Senior Center, to sponsoring and volunteering at March for Meals (on Wheels) fundraisers, to promoting the cause through radio announcements, to making WCOA their Subaru Share the Love Event Hometown Charity, Dewey Griffin Subaru has proven to be a year-round friend to the Program and to local seniors. Dewey Griffin Subaru’s partnership and the new vehicle couldn’t have come at a more vital time. In 2017 Meals on Wheels and More is on target to provide more than 85,500 nutritious meals to 600+ homebound seniors, a 24% increase in just two years and a nearly 50% increase from 5 years ago!

Dewey Griffin Subaru Loves to Share  –  Tanya M

Love can be expressed in many ways. It's always nice to say the words, but we have found that sometimes the best way to express your love is with a gesture. We truly love our community and we wanted to do something uniquely Pacific Northwest to express ourselves and give back to the community we're a part of. We know that in Whatcom county, 1 out of 5 families struggle to keep food on their tables. Resources to help families in need are often stretched thin. Over 1350 people visit the Bellingham Food Bank every week, with over 2300 people visiting weekly throughout Whatcom county. We also know that nothing is more Pacific Northwest than fresh salmon and that the prices in the grocery stores can be higher than a lot of struggling families can afford. That's why when we hear that fishing in our area is good and the catch is abundant, we want to share that abundance with our neighbors! A few times a year, Dewey Griffin Subaru will purchase thousands of pounds of locally caught, fresh salmon and donate it to those in need. In the past year, we have donated over 7000 pounds of fresh salmon to the Bellingham Food Bank, our local Meals on Wheels organization and individuals through out Whatcom county. It seems crazy, but the love we get back in return after we do it makes us realize it isn't so crazy after all. We hope that we can inspire businesses around us to step up and get involved. No matter how big or small, great things can be accomplished with love.

Sharing the Love All Year Round  –  Julie M

Five. That’s the number of years Dewey Griffin Subaru has partnered with Meals on Wheels and More during Subaru’s annual Share the Love Event. Five is also the number of Subaru Outbacks Dewey Griffin employees volunteered their time to help pack with shelf-stable food during Meals on Wheels and More's 3rd annual “Stuff the Trunk” event on Saturday December 3rd, 2016 at Whatcom County Haggen Food and Pharmacy Stores. The event raised enough food and funds to provide 250 homebound seniors with a 3-day supply of emergency meals! After their first Share the Love partnership in 2012, Dewey Griffin Manager, Allen Meyer, pledged to maintain a relationship with Meals on Wheels and More throughout the year. He has definitely made good on his word. From serving lunch to seniors at the Bellingham Senior Activity Center, to sponsoring and volunteering at March for Meals (on Wheels) events, to promoting the cause through radio announcements, Dewey Griffin Subaru has proven to be a year-round friend to the Program and to local seniors. Their support couldn’t have come at a more vital time. In 2016, Meals on Wheels and More will provide 80,000 nutritious meals to 600+ homebound seniors, a more than 40% increase in service from five years ago.

22nd Annual Feed the Need Community Food Drive  –  Amanda A

In Whatcom County, 1 in 5 households use a food bank regularly and 35% of the recipients are children. These statistics are truly heartbreaking and they are the reason that Industrial Credit Union started the Feed the Need Community Food Drive over 22 years ago. Each year the Credit Union relies on the support of local businesses and individuals, collecting cash and food donations during a week in October which benefit all Whatcom County food banks. Dewey Griffin Subaru saw an opportunity to help. They advertised a challenge to other businesses - offering to MATCH another donation up to $5,000! This challenge was not only generous, but inspiring. And at the end of the week this challenge was met with a donation from another local business, bringing the Feed the Need total over the goal for the week. This combined $10,000 equates to $80,000 of buying power for our local food banks, allowing them to purchase perishable foods and other necessities throughout the year. Though the 2016 Feed the Need mission was the same, the support that Industrial Credit Union received from local businesses like Dewey Griffin Subaru contributed to record-breaking results. In total, $215,000 was raised for Whatcom County food banks - more than any previous year by a long shot. Thank you for making an impact on our community, Dewey Griffin Subaru. Thank you for believing that hunger is unacceptable and helping us Feed the Need!

A Smarter Future  –  Tanya M

It is estimated that more than 15 million children do not have access to the resources they need to succeed in school. Nearly 92% of teachers purchase basic school supplies for students who are unable to afford them. Students who have access to the tools they need to learn tend to have better opportunities in the future. At Dewey Griffin Subaru, we believe the children of today will shape our world tomorrow. That's why we're excited to join Subaru of America in their efforts to make knowledge attainable and accessible for all children. With the help of our customers, we are proud to donate 125 science books to Custer Elementary School. These award-winning books have been made possible by the American Association for the Advancement of Science and are sure to help the students at Custer Elementary get a jump on learning and help them prepare to be our future mathematicians, scientists and engineers. Tanya M. Dewey Griffin Subaru

We Are Butterfly Heroes!  –  Tanya M

Did you know that 1 of 3 bites on our dinner plate is made possible by pollinators, such as the monarch butterfly? Join us for our Subaru Loves Earth initiative during the month of April. Dewey Griffin Subaru has partnered with the National Wildlife Foundation for the Butterfly Heroes Program to raise awareness and promote education on the declining population of monarch butterflies. We will have a butterfly habitat planter at the store to help monarch butterflies and other pollinators. Stop in to learn how YOU can be a Butterfly Hero and pick up some complimentary milkweed seeds to do your part at home!

Two Paws Up For Dewey Griffin Subaru!  –  Laura C

I can't say enough great things about the wonderful folks at Dewey Griffin Subaru. They are tireless advocates for so many non-profit organizations in our community. For several years, the Whatcom Humane Society has been lucky to partner with Dewey Griffin on a number of events and programs. Our annual Dog Days of Summer Run/Walk Festival would not be possible without the ongoing sponsorship and support from Dewey Griffin. The event is attended by thousands of folks and their dogs and the Dewey Griffin Barked Slalom Dog Agility Area is a favorite for both two and four legged attendees. In addition, these fine folks support our organization in a number of other ways including: * Donation of radio advertising time, which allows us to promote programs, services and fundraise; * Donation of tickets to sporting events including Seattle Seahawks tickets, which are auctioned off, with proceeds benefiting our operations; * Hosting pet food drives inside their dealership which benefits our pet food bank program * Much, much more. Dewey Griffin employees really do "walk the walk" and "talk the talk. Their efforts to support our organization and others make our community a better place. Their ongoing generosity and support means so much to all of us and the animals in our care and community. We love Dewey Griffin! Laura Clark, Executive Director Whatcom Humane Society

The Gift of Christmas  –  Tony L

The Whatcom Business Alliance understands that with business success comes community prosperity. Businesses who give back should be recognized for there positive contributions. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the generosity of the folks at Dewey Griffin. They responded to our newsletter where we invited our members to support the Community Toy Store for Christmas. The CTS is a program that allows families of lower income, many of them single mothers, the opportunity to shop for their children for Christmas at discounts from 75-90% off retail prices. Many children receive gifts they wouldn't otherwise receive because the families could not afford to buy them at regular prices. However, the families get to pick out the gifts themselves with dignity knowing that it isn't a handout, but a discount. All of the toys are gift cards are donated. The money raised goes to three local non-profits. The CTS is run by volunteers, so there are no administration costs and your contributions go directly to families in need. We invited our members to contribute a toy or gift card in the regular process of their own Christmas shopping. Little did we know that the folks at Dewey Griffin had something else in mind. They came by our office and literally unloaded four car loads of toys, gifts and gift cards as a contribution to the Community Toy Store. It is businesses like yours that truly makes Whatcom County a special place to live, work and raise a family. Thank you again.

Thank you Subaru!  –  robin r

My principal informed me when school started that Subaru donated money to my adopt-a-classroom account. I am so appreciative of that gesture since it allows me to provide for the unique needs of my students. My classroom is a high impact place, made up of boys and girls with diverse challenges. We can't always provide them with all they need so I thank Subaru for recognizing this and stepping up. Thank you Subaru! We will use the funds to support their social/emotional and learning goals.

Thank You for Investing in Children  –  Tom G

Thank you Dewey Griffin for your generous donation to support the beginning of Roosevelt Elementary Makerspace Recess! We know that children learn a great deal through experimentation and play. Consequently we are going to expand our recess play options to include a Makerspace area this year where kids can learn and experiment through creating and deconstructing things. The theme/materials will rotate roughly every month. Some of those themes/materials include: reassembling small appliances, constructing things with cardboard, designing and creating items out of wood using simple tools, to name a few. Dewey Griffin's donation to Roosevelt will help us with purchasing tools and materials. Thank you Dewey Griffin for investing in children!

Great Service!  –  Heidi H

I've got a brand new Subaru Impreza that I love, except I somehow ran over TWO nails that promptly gave me two flats. I panicked. My heart was racing - what to next? I called my local Subaru dealer- Dewey Griffin for help. They got me a tow truck that arrived within minutes and never mentioned that I had the 1-800 number on my window sticker the whole time and could have done this myself. I'm sure they could have made all kinds of jokes, but instead they were kind and caring. That's the kind of service that'll keep my coming back!

Thank you, Dewey Griffin!  –  Gordon J

I love the Dewey Griffin Service department! It's nice to know that there's a place where I can take my car and have complete confidence that the guys are looking after me. While in for my regular oil change a few months ago, I got the very bad news that my car needed a very major repair. My advisor, Mark, knew how upset I was by the news. I was facing an either very costly repair or replacing my car. He went out of his way to make sure I knew what my options were. He spoke with the Service Manager, Brian, on my behalf to see what arrangements could be made until I decided to repair my car or replace it. Brian gave me a brand new 2015 Subaru Forester to drive until I made my decision. He took the time to explain all the options and go over the financial aspects of each choice. I wound up purchasing a new vehicle rather than repairing my old one. I really appreciated the service department and they way genuinely cared about my needs and what would be best for me. I won't take my new car to anyone but Dewey Griffin because they really, truly care about their customers. They have more than earned my loyalty.

The Dewey Griffin Subaru Love Promise  –  Tanya M

At Dewey Griffin Subaru, we have a long-standing commitment to our co-workers, our customers and our community. We believe that when a community works together, great things happen. We're proud to support many charitable organizations throughout Whatcom county and are dedicated to making our company, our community and the world around us a better place. Visit to learn more about our Subaru Love Promise.

E-Waste Recycling Event  –  Tanya M

We're very lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and it's great to see that our community really cares about our environment and leaving the world a better place for future generations. Our Subaru E-Waste Recycling Event was just another example of the way our community works together. During the month of April, members of our community gathered their old and broken electronics and brought them in to be recycled. Not only were people happy to have an opportunity to get these un-used, bulky items out of their homes and offices, they were happy knowing that they would be responsibly recycled! Whatcom county residents brought in everything from cellphones to printers and monitors during the month-long event. We even did a little Spring cleaning in our own building!

Tour de Whatcom  –  Brian W

Every year, Dewey Griffin Subaru sponsors the Tour De Whatcom, an annual charity bike ride that supports the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition. The funds raised during this event help the WMBC protect bike trails in Whatcom county. Last year's event raised nearly $20,000! I am proud to be a member of Team Dewey Griffin and to join them in support of this organization. The people at Dewey Griffin truly care about our community and that's why I am excited to be a part of Team Dewey Griffin again this year. Thanks to Tanya and the rest of the crew for your hard work! Dewey Griffin is present at a lot of events and charity work around Whatcom County and I am excited to see them at those events even when I am not participating. My dog had a lot of fun at the Dog days of Summer obstacle course as well. Whether I'm hauling my family around town,going up skiing or taking an adventure on a one lane gravel Mt. pass in the North Cascades I can always count on my Subaru to get me there and back. So thanks to Dewey for everything you do in our community and keeping my Subaru running great!

Subaru youth community support  –  Laura V

Thank you for your support Dewey Griffin! Our preschool Trike-a-thon was a huge success. The kids had big grins and took pride in their trike accomplishments, then settled in to enjoy the family entertainment. The dinner auction event helped support kids in our community through the coming year, and was also able to provide a gift to an alumni child battling cancer to help support his family in the coming months. Thank you for jumping in to support our community! PS My kids always love coming in to Dewey Griffin for an oil change or service - they lead the way to the popcorn and then to the kid area where they like to color. Any setup for success like that with the kids is a success for me - thanks! We appreciate knowing folks by name in service as we have worked with them for years now and enjoy the familiar voices on the phone. Thank you! Laura from Lakeside Preschool

Share the Love Check Presentation - March 13, 2015  –  Julie M

Thank you for Sharing the Love, Whatcom county! For a second year in a row, Dewey Griffin Subaru has chosen our local Meals on Wheels and More program as our local charity selection for the Subaru Share the Love Event. Between November 21, 2014 and January 2, 2015, Subaru of America donated $250.00 for every new Subaru sold. The choice of where that donation went was up to the customer. Customers who purchased a new Subaru had a choice of 4 national charities and 1 local charity. A large percentage of our customers chose our local charity, Meals on Wheels and More! We were so excited to have the honor of presenting our friends at Meals on Wheels and More a check in the amount of $19,335.00! This check is a result of the Subaru Share the Love Event and all of our wonderful customers that selected our local Meals on Wheels program as their charity selection during the event. Thank you all for making this year's Share the Love Event the best one yet!

Dewey Griffin Subaru is proud to support Whatcom Humane Society  –  Dana B

Dewey Griffin Subaru partners with Whatcom Humane Society (WHS) to promote domestic and native animal welfare throughout Whatcom County. Dewey Griffin supports WHS by sponsoring events throughout the year, including the Dog Days of Summer Festival each August. Dewey Griffin also promotes awareness through its own events and fundraisers that benefit WHS. Through its financial and educational support, Dewey Griffin greatly benefits the Whatcom Humane Society every year, all year long!

Dewey Griffin Staff Serves Bellingham Families Thanksgiving Dinner!  –  Mike C

Dear Staff at Dewey Griffin: Thank you so much for your incredible donation of 100 turkeys. Nearly 2000 Bellingham families will visit us Thanksgiving week and your donation helps ensure that all of them will receive turkeys for their holiday meals. Thank you also for your ongoing support. Each month we distribute over a quarter million pounds of food in response to more than 11,000 requests for assistance. We wouldn't be able to do this without the generous support of community members like you. Thank you for helping feed our community! -Mike Cohen Executive Director

Whatcom Council on Aging's Senior Nutrition Program  –  Julie M

Starting with the 2012-2013 Share the Love Campaign, Allen, Tanya and all of the Dewey Griffin Subaru staff have gone, and continue to go, above and beyond to help the Whatcom Council on Aging's Senior Nutrition Program. This program ensures that no senior in our community goes hungry! A few of the ways Dewey Griffin employees have contributed to the Senior Nutrition Program include: delivering Meals on Wheels to homebound seniors, stuffing the trunk of a Subaru with emergency food items for Meals on Wheels participants, donating the cost of a meal for every test drive, marching proudly with us to end senior hunger in the Bellingham St. Patty's Day Parade, and adding us as the only local charity in the 2013-2014 Share the Love Event. Dewey Griffin's efforts have raised both much needed funds and local awareness about senior hunger and our program. Since January, Dewey Griffin employees have also contributed their time to the Senior Nutrition Program on a weekly basis, serving up lunch at the Bellingham Senior Activity Center. They even have their own aprons! We are proud to not only call the folks at Dewey Griffin Subaru our Community Partners, but also our friends!